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Tree Trimming

Keep Your Palms and Hardwoods Looking Their Best with Tree Trimming

When it comes to your Palm Beach County hardwood trees and palms, you want them looking their best with excellent pruning. At Lucky Tree Service, you receive the highest quality pruning and attention to detail for all of your tree trimming needs.
At Lucky Tree Service, we follow ISA and University of Florida standards for South Florida’s hardwoods and palm pruning needs. We provide tree trimming services to the following areas:

  • Broward County

  • Palm Beach County

  • Jupiter

  • Palm Beach Gardens

  • North Palm Beach

  • West Palm Beach

Our tree trimming crews are fully insured and licensed at Lucky Tree Service, and we have workers’ compensation for all of our tree crews. Your FL trees are in safe hands with our tree trimming team

Lucky Tree Service’s Approach

In many cases, our tree trimming customers call us for pruning services. We work with homeowners, property managers, and HOA landscape committees.
You can book an appointment with us, and then someone from our company will visit your property to assess your trees’ trimming needs.
Every Lucky Tree Service customer has a customized tree trimming plan—often covering up to three or more years. We want to take care of your tree pruning needs year after year.
At Lucky Tree Service, we excel at selectively pruning your trees to allow more sunlight to filter through for your lawn and into your home. We selectively prune your trees so that:

  • More sunlight filters through to encourage healthy lawn grass development

  • Oxygen circulates through your trees’ canopy, promoting plant health

  • Dead or diseased tree branches won’t damage your home or property during a hurricane or other severe storm

  • We restore your trees to their original beauty, symmetry, and shape.

What You Can Expect from Lucky Tree Trimming Services

Our experienced arborists will show up on time, and we only use professional equipment for trimming your trees. Our arborists are fully licensed and insured. And we do a complete job on the same day, including removing all debris.
If we can’t remove the tree trimming debris on the day of your appointment because it’s later in the day, we’ll come first thing the next morning to remove all tree trimming litter from the day before.
We price our tree trimming services competitively. Since we perform preventative work on your trees, you’ll find that our tree trimming services are more affordable than paying an arborist to clear out trees damaged by hurricanes and tornadoes.
Here are the advantages of hiring us at Lucky Tree Service for all of your tree trimming needs:

  • We show up on time
  • All of our employees are courteous
  • The group supervisor speaks English

  • We complete the entire tree trimming service in 24 hours—including tree trimming debris removal.

Contact us today at 561-300-TREE or through our contact form for your tree trimming needs.

Lucky Tree Service provides tree trimming in Broward County and Palm Beach County, FL, including Jupiter, Palm Beach Gardens, North Palm Beach, and West Palm Beach.

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