Debris Removal

Lucky Tree Service has grappling trucks that make short work of all of your DIY or storm-damage cleanup. You pile all of your vegetation at your curb, and our grapple trucks will pick them up and recycle them for you.

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Stump Grinding

If you’re a DIY’er and you removed some trees on your South Florida property, then you need us to grind down those stumps. At Lucky Tree Service, our crews will remove any stumps on your property. You can…..

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Tree Removal

If your oak tree or palm looks like it might not last another season, it’s time to call us at Lucky’s Tree Services. Our licensed and insured arborists will safely take down your trees.  Our experienced arborists have years of…..

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Tree Trimming

When it comes to your Palm Beach County hardwood trees and palms, you want them looking their best with excellent pruning. At Lucky Tree Service, you receive the highest quality pruning and attention to detail for…..

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